8/19/14 Writing is a funny business. I don’t know if there is any other occupation where you do so much without appearing to do anything. I’ve been doing a serious amount of thinking about Bluebonnet Ball. I guess it’s like a conveyer belt, like in a factory. Ideas come through my mind and some I

8-14-14 Writing a book is the easiest part of this whole adventure.I loved going with Will and Two Feathers on their adventures, both good and bad. Then came the revising part. That was harder. Marking out words I had worked so hard to say something just right and then deciding it wasn’t good enough or

Buying a new computer and transferring my manuscripts is a terrifying experience. I just knew my manuscripts would be gone forever even though everyone told me not to worry. Sure enough!!! My manuscripts arrived safe and sound. Whew!!!

This is the very first blog post in Alice’s new blog. It is merely a placeholder, and it will be replaced with riveting content in the near future. Please come back!

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