Since this is a blog of my first public showing of the cover of The River of Cattle I decided to include the first scene in the book. It’s just a teaser (I do so love to tease people) and a little dose of temptation to stir the juices of curiosity so that on the

August 14, 2016 I love living in the country. I love not hearing the traffic roaring by. I love the sound of the train whistle (except when it wakes up my grandbaby). I love standing on my porch and not seeing any neighbors. I even like watching the buzzards circling overhead as I hang my

July 31, 2016 I come from a very large family. There were seven of us kids. Now there are lots of nephews and nieces and in-laws and lots of great-nieces and great-nephews and in-laws. So, when we have a family reunion it’s a big affair. We decided to hold a reunion in Colorado this year

July 10, 2016 Did I dare to dream? That question has haunted me for the many years I have worked on this book. I would work on it almost in a frenzy for a while and then I’d think, It’s never going to happen. I’m not smart enough. I’m not good enough. I’m not creative

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