River of Cattle

Book One – The Will and Buck Series

By Alice V. Brock

A cattle drive with a famous Texas Ranger, a Comanche trying to steal his horse, a buffalo stampede, thirst-maddened cattle crossing eighty miles of alkali desert to a dangerous ford on the Pecos River. This is how Will Whitaker spends his eleventh summer—as a drover riding his best friend, a big buckskin stallion, until he is captured by a vicious Comanche War Chief. And it’s his worst enemy who rescues him.

two feathersTwelve-year old Two Feathers, half white, half Comanche, runs away from the tribe of his dead mother when he learns his cruel uncle killed his white father. He sees Will’s horse and knows he is destined to have him, this great warrior’s horse. Camping alone and following the winding River of Cattle across the High Plains of West Texas, he tries again and again to take him. Will foils him every time, but he comes too close and is captured by the drovers.

buckskin horseThe two boys, both fighting the grief of their mother’s deaths, both without a true home, face death and danger separately, but eventually they must learn acceptance of each other’s differences or their mutual mistrust could lead them to disaster on the brutal Texas-New Mexico frontier. Will they become brothers or mortal enemies?

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