September 18, 2016 I would like to introduce you to the thorn in Will’s side, Two Feathers, a half white, half Comanche boy whose goal in life is to capture Will’s big buckskin stallion, Buck. Here’s a little background history. Before the Civil War the army had managed to push the Comanche back toward the

Since this is a blog of my first public showing of the cover of The River of Cattle I decided to include the first scene in the book. It’s just a teaser (I do so love to tease people) and a little dose of temptation to stir the juices of curiosity so that on the

July 10, 2016 Did I dare to dream? That question has haunted me for the many years I have worked on this book. I would work on it almost in a frenzy for a while and then I’d think, It’s never going to happen. I’m not smart enough. I’m not good enough. I’m not creative

This is Thunder. The WTA&M mascot. His pen for his attendance at special events is right outside my dorm window and he was here this morning. What a wonderful experience for my writing to be so close to a live buffalo that [if I were brave enough and it were allowed] I could reach out