December 1, 2016 I stepped out the front door to get a picture of the vibrant sunset that spread its deep blood red and dark rusty burnt orange over the treetops across the road. While I stood there admiring the fading colors in the sky there must have been a train approaching because all of

August 14, 2016 I love living in the country. I love not hearing the traffic roaring by. I love the sound of the train whistle (except when it wakes up my grandbaby). I love standing on my porch and not seeing any neighbors. I even like watching the buzzards circling overhead as I hang my

July 31, 2016 I come from a very large family. There were seven of us kids. Now there are lots of nephews and nieces and in-laws and lots of great-nieces and great-nephews and in-laws. So, when we have a family reunion it’s a big affair. We decided to hold a reunion in Colorado this year