Lovin’ Ranch Life

August 14, 2016

I love living in the country. I love not hearing the traffic roaring by. I love the sound of the train whistle (except when it wakes up my grandbaby). I love standing on my porch and not seeing any neighbors. I even like watching the buzzards circling overhead as I hang my washing on the clothesline. I love the acres of green when Texas shows off her spring colors. I love the tall sunflowers that are blooming behind my well house in the late summer heat.

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I love seeing the baby calves and hear their plaintive bleating when they call for their mommas.




But the sound that always sets my heart racing is when I step out my backdoor in the dark night and hear the coyotes howling so loud and so close it makes tingles of fear wash over me and I stand so still. Even knowing they won’t come near doesn’t take away that wild feeling that makes part of me want them to go away and part of me wishes they would howl more. What an eerie sound! I think of my characters, Will and Two Feathers, alone on the Texas prairie, that sound coming out of the deep dark night, so very scary.

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