Mystery on the Pecos

Book Two –  The Will and Buck Series

By Alice V. Brock

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After a frigid winter on the high plains of New Mexico, range toughened Will Whitaker and his adopted brother, Two Feathers, head out to the surrounding homesteads to buy cattle for their expanding herd. While exploring the area along the Pecos River toward Puerto de Luna they discover a cave filled with stolen food and other supplies intended for the Navajo held at Bosque Redondo near Fort Sumner. The Indians are starving and conditions are serious on the reservation. Will and Two Feathers know the loss of supplies is critical.

After telling Dan, Will’s father, they ride to Fort Sumner to inform the army of the stolen supplies. When they return to the cave, accompanied by Sergeant Masters and three troopers, the supplies are gone and in their place they find the murdered body of Private Donley.

While Will and Two Feathers work with Dan to build up the Pecos River Ranch their adventures lead them to a gang of thieves led by a mystery man who uses Yellow Hawk and his band of Comanche warriors to cover his plans for wealth and power.

ruined walls along the Pecos