October 6, 2016 First Installment Sarah and Ryan baled out of the truck and ran for Mr. Kirkpatrick’s show pig barn. Kirkpartick Hog Farm had supplied pigs for their 4-H club for several years. “Hurry, Dad. I get first pick for the fair.” Sarah, her brown pony tail bouncing behind her, burst into the barn

October 5, 2016 In honor of National 4-H Week I’m posting a story about a brother’s and sister’s experiences with their 4-H fair projects –show pigs. Today’s post is Part 1 and each day of the rest of this week I’ll repeat the previous parts and post the next segment. There will be four parts

October 2, 2016 I decided to step away from all the business of launching The River of Cattle and write this blog to go in the “From the Pig Barn” section of my website. Fall and spring always bring back memories of the fun trips we took with the kids to shop for just the

September 18, 2016 I would like to introduce you to the thorn in Will’s side, Two Feathers, a half white, half Comanche boy whose goal in life is to capture Will’s big buckskin stallion, Buck. Here’s a little background history. Before the Civil War the army had managed to push the Comanche back toward the