Book Three – The Will and Buck Series

By Alice V. Brock

two feathersA work in the planning stages.

Two Feathers leaves the Pecos River Ranch to look for his childhood friend, Red Wing, held with Yellow Hawk’s band of Comanche on the reservation at Fort Sill in Oklahoma Territory. He discovers his uncle has escaped and taken his band with him, including Red Wing and his aunt, Weeping Woman. Fearing for their safety, he goes with the army as a scout to track the renegade Comanche. They find no trace of the Indians as they venture into the dry harsh landscape of the Llano Estacado.

The army gives up the search and returns to Fort Sill. Two Feathers knowing his uncle has water holes throughout the hot dry landscape continues his search into the cracked and broken Palo Duro Canyon country. While following the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River down into the canyon he find the tracks of a band of wild horses and the tracks of Yellow Hawk.

Will Whitaker, his partner on the Pecos River Ranch, leaves the ranch under the watchful eyes of ranch hands, Jake and Tony, and heads out to find his long absent partner. As he travels toward Fort Sill on the trail of Two Feathers he finds the remnants of homesteads left behind after raids by Yellow Hawk.

Can the two partners rescue Two Feathers family from a brutal life on the Llano Estacado, capture a herd of wild horses for their ranch and avoid capture and death at the hands of their enemy Yellow Hawk?