Rootin’ Tootin’ Ruthie the Texas Tooth Fairy 

Ruthie is waiting for a publisher or agent to love her.

Rootin’ Tootin’ Ruthie, the Texas Tooth Fairy can’t sleep because Tex, the big, bellowing bull on the Bar B Ranch is causing a ruckus. He has a toothache. How do you get a Texas sized bull with long sharp pointy horns to open hDDScowboyis mouth so you can pull his wiggly, wobbly tooth?

Ruthie calls for Armadillo, Coyote, and Mockingbird, to help her trick the bawling bull into opening up. She lassos his tooth and  out it flies.The animals run for cover because thunder rumbles from deep in his chest.

Everyone watches to see what Tex will do?

This book is finished and sent out to several agents and publishers hoping someone will like it as much as I do. Keep an eye on my blog page to check my progress.


Also coming soon:

The Bluebonnet Ball–A Rootin’ Tootin’ Ruthie Tale

Ruthie wants to go the the Bluebonnet Ball but there won’t be one if Tex, the Longhorn bull on the Bar B Ranch, eats all the wildflowers.  Will Ruthie, Armadillo, Coyote and Mockingbird convince the scary Mr. Rattlesnake to help keep Tex from nibbling on the tender green shoots just coming up in the meadow? Will Ruthie get to dance with the handsome Mr. Monarch Butterfly under the pearly blue light of the Texas moon?

This book is a work in progress.